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Ways to Reduce plastic waste

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These are products that I either use myself or on my wish list.

It is now very hard to completely avoid any plastic usage, I would even say impossible.

If it’s not made of plastic, it’s very likely to be wrapped in it. And unfortunately, not all plastic is accepted in the recycling centre, so what do we do?

Despite our best intentions and efforts, plastic ends up in the garbage then it goes straight to the land fields.

I’m myself guilty of throwing away plastic, but I'm doing everything I can to change that.

If you are the type of person who manage to never throw away any plastic at all, I bow to you, you’re my hero!

But for the rest of us, starting with a few small changes can make a very big impact.

Below are some products ideas to replace daily things that are normally made of unrecyclable plastic.

Some of these items have some plastic or silicone, but they replace item that would otherwise be used once and then trown away.

So many plastic straws end up in the land field. Replace those terrible one time use straws for fancy looking stainless still straws. And when on the go bring your own foldable straw.

Saranwrap plastic is used on day to day bases in most kitchens. We use it once and throw it away, instead there is a brilliant replacement made of bees wax. It is reusable, washable and biodegradable.

Not having to pick up after our dog in public places would be a better thing for the environment but a bad thing for our shoes. These biodegradable doggy bags might help.

Unfortunately a lot more energy goes into making biodegradable plastic bags, and can only breakdown with sun and air, in other words, not berried in the land field or in the ocean. 

But until something better comes along, this might be a lesser evil.

Reusable shopping bags with fashionable a pattern, it folds away when not in use tidy and compact.

Replace the bad habit of putting fruits and vegetable in a plastic bag at the market with reusable washable produce bags.

Whenever i can, I get things that are made of wood, glass, metal, clay, ceramic...

Anything but plastic.

It often cost more but usually of better quality and last longer.

When it breaks, I don't feel so guilty throwing them away.

It can also be an original gift idea.

To reuse is often better than disposable.


If you must get something made of plastic or silicone, get something of good quality that is washable and reusable.

For the undesirable time of the month

For the undesirable time of the month, conventional methods are made of plastic or polyester (different type of plastic) The Diva cup is made of medical grade silicone.

Unfortunately, it‘s not biodegradable but with proper care it has the potential to last for a life time.

Think about all the plastic you won't be putting out to the land fields not to mention the money you’ll be saving.

Hair skin and cleaning

I enjoy using organic products for my skin and hair. 

Much too often, topical product are made of chemical harmful for your health. Instead, get organic, natural product, there are so much to choose from.

Unfortunately, most of them are packaged in plastic, I hope this will change in a near future.

I make my own skin moisturizer with essential oil, coconut oil, added vitamins olive oil and shea butter.

Use ecofriendly cleaning product, that won't harm the environment or your health.

Cats enjoy the simple things


Most cats will choose a cardboard box to take a nap over the nice fancy bed you may have provided for him or her.

I've had problems with my cat not liking using he’s litter box, too often choose to pee other places.

I tried all the cat litter out there, no matter how clean and fresh I keep it, he refused to have he's paws touch it.

Then I tried a recycled natural pine cat litter as a last attempt in finding something to fix the problem.

And to my surprise, it worked! 

I wasn't able to find on Amazon the exact same as the one that I’m using. But the link to the product I have for you below is very similar.

Have you ever tried to brush your cat’s teeth? I never bothered; I just can’t see it end up well for my skin! Let your kitten take care of that with these catnip branches.

Organic seeds

Fruits and vegetables purchased at the market are grown industrially and require large amount of space and fuel for tractors and transportation.


And unless you buy organic they will be full of pesticides that are extremely harmful for the environment, for our precious bees and our health.

Even if you have a small yard growing your own fruits and vegetable can not only be very rewarding but a lot heathier.

And the taste and nutritional value of fresh home grown food increase by so much everything is more flavorful.

A small yard is not a reason not to grow some of your own food. Even if you don't have a yard at all, there are things that you can grow indoor, for example herbs, microgreens and much more if you are ready to invest in some grow lights.

Microgreens seeds, sprouting seeds and supplies

Microgreens grows indoor, you don't need a lot of space. It can be done even in the smallest appartement.

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