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Hello, I’m Jessyca Desmarais. 

I'm a French Canadian artist and an Ocean lover. I also love to travel and explore places I've never been before.

Since a very young age I’ve been passionate about painting and drawing.
My passion became more than a hobby in 1998 during an ice storm that kicked off the grid large areas of the province.
I was given the gift of time and was forced to reflect on myself and sharpen my skills like never before.
My first few paintings where of my dreams and the worlds I visited, the creatures I met.
I was always able to remember my dreams with excruciating details.
With my mother being an artist herself, she trained me from a young age to look at nature with an artist’s eyes. (Thanks mom!)
After struggling in a world that supress dreamer, trying to find my place in society.
I tried to fit in with failure every step of the way.
Working for a boss that kept saying “Time is money” helped me realize how much I didn’t fit in.
That is when I came up with my saying “Time is creation, time wasted is a creation that will never exist”

I paint in different mediums, Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour.
I like to explore different subjects but the two collections I’ve been focusing on lately are
-The soul of the ocean; where I paint about the beauty and strength of ocean creatures.
And my latest favorite collection
-The world in a glass; where I express with humor my concern for nature by painting creature in a glass.
The glass represents our taste for luxury at the cost of nature leaving them space the size of a cup to live in.


I am very fortunate to be surrounded with people who has always believed in me and pushed me to succeed even in days that I didn’t believe in myself.


To my family, friends and my very loving spouse

Jessyca Desmarais

​Copyright © 2019 Jessyca Desmarais All rights reserved

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