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I would like to present to you, the world in a glass.


If you know me, you know that I love all of nature but especially the ocean,

You can probably tell just by looking at my favorite painting subjects.

Buy mixing my love, passion and my concerns for nature, i came up with this new collection.


This collection represent the very few protected areas on our planet and how the human species is taking more and more space leaving nature the size of a cup to live in.


The glass represents our taste for luxury, comfort and material possessions, at the expense of nature and other species.


But then, ironically, I discovered cuteness and a sense of humor as I was creating The pictures.

I've been having so much fun with this new collection and I'm just getting started!

I intend to put the entire world's in a glass!


Now, it's all about fun and cute with an ounce of a gentle message.


I hope you'll enjoy !

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Are high resolution hand signed and numbered by the artist Jessyca Desmarais


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24" x 36"    $78



The canvas prints

Are gallery wrap also of a high resolution and hand signed and numbered by the artist


8" x 10"           $65

11" x 14"           $84

12" x 18"         $112

16 x 20"        $120

24" x 36"   $195

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Hello Adrian,

My goal with my paintings is to raise awareness and inform people of better alternatives.

Unfortunately, I lack the knowledge and wisdom to spread the message and I’m hoping I could use some of your tips, advice and facts on the ocean and alternative to using plastic for my website and social media.

I’m currently working on a type of art using plastic that is not accepted in recycling centre and would otherwise be thrown away.

My ultimate dream is to one day purchase a sailboat and make my art of plastic I find in the ocean and islands and vlog about the process from retrieving the trash from the ocean and turning it into a piece of art.

My website is,

I paint about many different subjects but my favorite subject by far is the ocean.

One of my collection, I named;

The soul of the ocean,  where I paint colourful ocean scenes and animal.

And ; The world in a glass,  where I paint animals in a glass to represent our taste for luxury and material possession at the expense of nature.

I donate 10% of my art income to non-profit ocean related organizations.


For years now I’ve taken steps to reduce my use of plastic whenever I can, Reusable bags, stainless-steel straws which, containers instead of freezer bags and much more.

-Since a few years ago when I’m at an art show and someone purchase art, I put the painting in a reusable bag informing them that it’s a great bag to put their grocery in.

 -When someone gives me something in a plastic bag, I nicely give the bag back and explain that I do my best to boycott plastic.

- Everywhere I go; I carry a glass water bottle and make it a point to reuse a bottle that will make people talk.

For example, I love reuse a glass BBQ bottle or other sauce, or my absolute favorite one when camping or at a friend’s house, a glass vodka or other alcohol bottle. That really gets people’s attention and easily starts the conversation on boycotting plastic.


I’ve done all this and more for years now just because it’s something that I belive in and I’m now ready to get more involved. Which is why I’m contacting you.

Jessyca Desmarais

​Copyright © 2019 Jessyca Desmarais All rights reserved

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