Research white bellied pangolin hot commodity on black market

Electric ray 250 volt, stays in the sand most of the time

Sea turtles


Nearly one of a undread sea turtle makes it to adultood




Lonesome Gorge


This is not a painting of a turtle, this is a painting od Lonsome Gorge

Pinta turtle named, Lonsome Gorge from pinta Island is arount 70 year old and is beleived to be the last of it's kind.


Died: June 24, 2012, he's body has been preserved and now displaed a the (?american musium?)



A close relative to the first prehistoric birds. Hoatzin also known as  smelly pheasant in the Amazon.

The chick still show some fetures from their insesters. They have claws on their wings that they use to walk through branches. The claws are lost once they reach adulthood.

Threaten spicy in need of protection


the Octopus's eyes

They have Eyes rectangular that are disigned to capture light reflexting of the sea floor


Squid's eyes

Squids large round eyes are addapted to see pray in the dark open ocean


Cuddle fish's eyes

They do well in both world their eyes chage shape to addapt to acomoted their travel

Millions tiny sac of pigments called

cromatefore chage their skin colour controles by muscles

their emotions shows trough their skin

we still dont know how many kinds there are


Are very inteligent and curious creatures

Pink river dolphins

from th amazon aslso known as buttuck.

They have lost their sight living in the dark musky river of the Amazon.

Unlike the most comon types of dolphins we find in the sea, the botocks dolphins neck is not fused to the spine witch allows them to move their head.


Ocotopus life spend is only 3 to 4 years, the female dies as soon as the eggs hatch.

They lay in average a 100 000 eggs once in a life time

Baybies are no bigger than a grain of rice


thei line reaches back 5 hundread thousand milion years, long before the first sharks


The inctian octopus uase to have a protective shell. Amenites the ansesters of the octopus



Look in to goast pipe fish

Blue ring octopus

it's poison can imobilis every muscle in the human body in just minuts and there are no antidots.


But like many wild creature, they are not out to get you.

They use their venin for their favorit food, crabs.

They inject the venin in weak places on their shell like joints and eyeballs. It keeps the crab's powerfull claws from damaging the fragile skin of the oktopus.

Pufferfish seams like a cute armless little companion But their bite is stronger than a pirana as their teeth are fused together to form a strong bique or four teeth, dizine to crosh through hard shells and bones.

But unlike piranas they will bite if feeling traped and in danger.

Don't want to get bit, just let them be and everybody's happy.


and have a deadly tetrodottoxine that can kill hwo or what eat them.  One puffer fish contains enough toxing to kill 30 humains. No antidote is yet known.


they eat mussles, algy


most pecie are found in the ocean but some live in tropical freash water.



Lion fish

Small puffer fish


In Japan,the white-spotted pufferfish scientific name is Torquigener albomaculosus


This puffer fish makes amzing art on the sea bed to attract a mate.

Although the fish are only about 12 centimeters (5 inches) long, the formations they make measure about 2 meters (7 feet) in diameter. 

It takes about seven to nine days for the pufferfish to construct the circles.


The peice of art then is used as protection for their eggs.

Puffershish and porcupine fish are often mistaken to be the same type of fish, when in fact they are two very diferante species. although they are close relatives there are some very distink diferances.


I was quilty of that mistake myself


Do you know the diffrence betwin the two?


Puffer fish's  (Tetraodontidae)

their skin appear to be smooth but do have spikes only thinner and hidden spines of Tetraodontidae, which are only visible when the fish has puffed up and blow themselves up manly with their belly and throath.

beak-like mouth capable of cracking the shells of snails, sea urchins, and hermit crabs.

many species can change the color or intensity of their patterns in response to environmental changes. In these respects


The porcupine fish (Diodontidae)

also has a stron beak but his spikes are longer than the puffer fish and awllays visible even at their calmer state. The spines simply rest flat on their body. and blow themselfes up more evenly in a more circular shape with the tail and fins sticking out.

Some species are poisones.


If you think you had a bad stomack ake before, think about this.

If salowed by a large predator before they have a chance to puff up, they have been known to eat they way out to freedom.


Hard shelled invertebrate (e.g. snails, clams, sea urchin)


The porcupinefish is a shy creature and will retreat if approached by divers. They secrete a toxic skin substance so are usually considered poisonous,


The pufferfish's teeth are fused together to form a stong bique

Porcupine fish eat molusques and have a stong mouth??

The differance betwin an aligator and a crocodile.


There are a few diferances but the fastes and simples way is to look at the shape of their head and jaw.


The aligater's has a wider jaw dising for bigger prey


while the crocodile has a nerrower jaw manly design to catch fish

Aligators can survive tree years with out food

Nautilus are living focils, they havent changed in ??? years


they live at a deapt of 500


They stragely have a taste for chicken

The dwarf puffer fish ( malebare puffer)

eats a thurd of he's body in mosquito larva in every meals.

water flees, ramwons? snail, black worms, brian shrimp


they live in fresh water in south west india


less than 1 inch, he is the smallest in the world.

lives in freash water

but their numbers are droping due to


the male is more colourful than the female.



Polar bear in glass Time lapse video
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