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How can buying art help the ocean ?

I'm an ocean and nature lover and I made it my mission to raise awareness and make a difference.

The ocean is in trouble and needs us to stop taking it for granted. 

There are many nonprofit organizations that are working at protecting the ocean and all its beautiful creatures.

I had a lot of trouble deciding who to donate to.

I picked                                                
because my original idea was to plant a tree every time someone buy one of my painting but then I noticed many people started to do that, and that is a very good thing.

But I like to be different and my favorite subjects are oceans and it's creatures so it makes more sense.

Planting a coral requires more money than planting a tree.

So I can't say that one coral will be planted every time someone buys a painting, it's just not realistic.

But 10% of anything purchased in my online store or in person, will go to the foundation.

The coral garden for obvious reasons is at the bottom of the ocean, the volunteers taking care of it needs to scuba dive to care for the little corals, watch this video for the details.

It's so fun to see what they do, it gives me hope.

Jessyca Desmarais

​Copyright © 2019 Jessyca Desmarais All rights reserved

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