Terms and Conditions

Pencil portrait start from $40 and up includes one person or pet

Oil painting portrait start from $150 and up Includes one person or pet

More then one person or pet

A $ 10 surcharge will apply for every extra person or pet / animals

For more details or any questions please contact artist at address below

Please include high-resolution JPG image

There will be an additional cost if:
The image is hard to see example:

A lot of details, very small, blurry, too dark or too bright.
The additional costs will be my to judgment


There will be an additional cost
If you ask for modifications, for example:
Different background, change of clothes, hair, body modification or mix two or more pictures into one.

Additional cost will be to my judgment

I will ask for your permission to post your portrait on my website,
if permission denied, I will respect your wish.


You will not receive the finished product until the full payment is received and approved

50% payment is required before starting the portrait.
(Shipping charges apply)
You may request to see the final product before making the final payment.

My number one priority is for you to be satisfied with your art

Completion time varies for each case depending on the amount of work to do and if there is a waiting list.
There is only me;-)

Thanks for your understanding

Oil painting portrait
all conditions are the same as above for the exception of the additional cost of $20 for each person or pet on the picture.
Please read the section drawing in pencil


The size of the image makes a difference in the price

Small painting has its challenges as well as the bigger ones

The best thing to do is to send me a photo and tell me what you want. I may ask you questions

And I can then give you an estimate

Jessyca Desmarais

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